Our ChurchPast, Present, & Future


Mission Statement

Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church exists to refresh the believer, revive the weak, and rescue the lost by proclaiming the Gospel of the Resurrected Christ until He returns.

Vision Statement

To reinstate biblical standards in our church and local community, while exhibiting the abundant love of Christ.


Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church

A House of Healing

Although Mt. Olive has experienced peeks and valleys in its 130 years, God’s grace and mercy has sustained and continues to cover this church. Grateful for His loving kindness, we are encouraged and stand firm on the Word of God as a band of believers whose faith in Him flourishes, increasing daily.

We are a loving church that welcomes EVERYONE who desires to know our Savior, Jesus Christ. Black, White, Hispanic – it doesn't matter. The color of one’s skin or cultural background is irrelevant; all are welcomed. Sinners are welcomed, 

"For all have sinned and come short of the glory of God." – Romans 3:23

When the doors of the church open, we enter to praise and worship God collectively, while at the same time we show up to get things right, keep things right, and get things fixed that are broken within us. Mount Olive M.B.C. is like a spiritual doctor's office or hospital, it is a place one can go to receive preventive medicine, increase early detections of sickness and disease, and undergo life-saving procedures, strictly "by the Book". We must combat sin for it's outcome is death, and God's gift is eternal life (Romans 6:23). We live and walk in victory. Mount Olive is indeed "A House of Healing."

Church History

Mount Olive Baptist Church was organized in 1885 when Rev. W. H. Tipton and six members – Amos Waddy, Emma Kelly, Molly Armstrong, Babe Summers, and Edie Adams, realized the need to do so. They assembled for worship in a log cabin where they were immediately joined by brothers and sisters Will Waddy, Melissa Kelly, Mary Jane Taylor, Tempie Burns, and Ike Burns. These faithful few laid the foundation for what is now a thriving Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church.

Below, you will find a list of those who pastored Mt. Olive and the accomplishments under their administration. Further research will be conducted to provide more details about the church’s history.
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Rev. Tipton was the first pastor of Mount Olive Baptist Church
**** – Rev. Tubberville
**** – Rev. Williams
**** – Rev. Goodman
**** – Rev. Lee
**** – Rev. Montgomery
**** – Rev. Caruthers
Rev. C. Bryant pastored Mt. Olive for 26 years until his death. The church acquired a new building equipped with all the modern conveniences needed at that time. The building we owned, when he first arrived, was a one-room A-frame without bathroom facilities, which he later remodeled. Mt. Olive was again rebuilt in 1974. Under Rev. Bryant’s administration, the church started different forms of training, going to three nights of study to include training for Sunday school teachers. The church hosted a training course as an extension from the American Baptist Theological Seminary. There was also a Sunday evening course for new converts, along with training for members of all ages. In 1980, Rev. Bryant formed a Youth Training Union. During his pastorship, church membership grew to 138.
(July 22, 1984) Rev. Don E. Overton orchestrated a successful Fall Drive that became an annual event and continued during the spring and summer. Rev. Overton impressed upon the parishioners the responsibility of Christians to help those in need, not only church members but the community as well. He served for one year & five months, leaving unexpectedly.
Rev. James C. Davis and several others organized the Community Mass Choir to bring churches together. His motto: One God, One People
Mt. Olive sponsored the “Power Hour”, a three-hour radio broadcast hosted by Reverend and Sister Rainey.
Rev. Michael D. Savage began the Brotherhood program for the men and young boys and the Women’s auxiliary became active. Additionally, a new fellowship hall was built and a van was purchased. Rev. Savage is believed and loved to say, " When the praises go up, the blessings come down." He resigned in 2004.
(September 2, 2004) Rev. Anthony Glover, Jr. had three children and a wonderful wife, Michelle. Motto: One Vision, One Church, One God
2006 – Rev. John Alderage
Rev. Dennis Smith became the pastor of Mt. Olive while the church was at a crossroads, needing leadership and healing.
2008 – Rev. Bobby DeBerry
(December 18, 2011) Rev. Derrick Ralston served as pastor until March 2013
(August 31, 2013) Rev. Muhammad was installed as Mt. Olive's pastor on November 17, 2013. He is determined to make a difference in Mt. Olive, and the community in which it sits. "I must work the works of Him who sent Me while it is day; the night is coming when no one can work." – Mark 9:4 (NKJV)
SEPT 2013/AUG 2014

  • Within six months, the church witnessed the return and rededication of several inactive members.
  • A Deacon/Deaconess training course was implemented, teaching the duties, prerequisites, and importance of the position. *Those wanting to become deacons are required to attend and are given the opportunity to do research and share their findings with the class.
  • A Men's and Women's Ministry was implemented in May 2014 to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood.
  • Mount Olive M.B.C. had its first Vacation Bible School in years, on July 16 – 18, 2014. The theme was "Finishing Strong", and there was an average of 70 in attendance each night. Our teachers were: Sis. Courtney Triplett and Sis. LaKisha Palmer (2–4), Sis. Lisa Box (5–7), Sis. Tiffany Muhammad (8–10), Sis. Tara White (11–13), Sis. Melissa Turner (14–17), and Pastor Muhammad (Adults). The kitchen committee – Sis. Jeanette Mays, Sis. Conswaylo Mayberry, Sis. Tina, and Sis. Mary,  prepared refreshments each night. A cookout and games where held on that Saturday, July 19th. VBS ended with Bro. Richard Page bringing the Word of God on that Sunday, geared towards the youth. 
  • Finally got our church website developed and functioning by June 2014.

SEPT 2014/AUG 2015

  • Septemeber 28th, Bishop William H. Moss and Chestnut Grove F.G.B.C. celebrated Pastor Muhammad's first pastoral anniversary with us. We had a wonderful fellowship and worship service.
  • Several members, along with Pastor Muhammad and his family, cleaned the historic cemetary in New Johnsonville, TN on Martin Luther King's Volunteer Day. (Parks and Recreations)
  • Ordained Deacons: Jerry White, Jason Page, and Richard Page
  • Concecration of Mothers: Gail Najera, Melissa Turner, Brenda Davis, and Stella Anthony
  • July 2015, Salter's Chapel A.M.E. joined MOMBC as we hosted Vacation Bible School. There were record numbers each night for each class. VBS ended on a high note with a Gospel Music block party at Salter's Chapel.

There is more to come…