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Tiffany Muhammad

An Introduction

 Sis. Muhammad has truly been a blessing to us. She walked in with her sleeves rolled up, ready to work. Not a wallflower by any stretch, she is loving, energetic, and friendly. Her smile is infectious. It is evident that our pastor has found his “good thing”.  – Members of Mt. Olive

From My Heart To Yours

I'm a firm believer in the power of love as demonstrated by Jesus Christ. Had he not proven His love by giving His life, I’d be lost. As a follower of Christ, I am required to imitate Him and love even those who hate me in hopes that they too will see His light and surrender to Him.


Only What You Do For Christ...

The Call

I am thrilled to be a part of the Mount Olive Missionary Baptist Church family (MO-MBC)! From the very first time we walked through its doors, there was an instant connection… it felt like home. There was such joy in our hearts when my husband was finally selected as the new pastor. I was elated yet apprehensive; excited because I realized this was where God wanted us, however, I also recognized a great burden – because we are one, God would hold my husband and me accountable for that which He has made us stewards… the precious souls at Mt. Olive. So, it is with a sincere heart that I embrace each member of this church in the Spirit of God’s love, and it is my prayer to be instrumental in positive change, not only in our church but also in this community.

My Purpose

Aside from my first ministry, which is my husband and children, I have been drawn to two distinct groups – the youth and women.

First, I am grateful that God has given me a heart for the youth. In a training session here at Mt. Olive, my daughter Adia pointed out that too often in church, kids are dismissed and not counted as our brothers and sisters in Christ – they are merely placeholders in the pews that make churches appear full. It is my goal to demonstrate to our youth that they, too, matter to God and to us by involving them in activities and relatable studies to promote a true relationship with Him. Our children are the future of the church, and we must engage them because so many things compete for God’s time (e.g., texting, social media, Youtube, TV, gaming, etc.).

And second, like many churches, Mt. Olive is comprised of mostly women (We are grateful to see more men coming to church regularly!). It’s no secret; there has been some hurt here. It is my God-given objective to rally the women of this awesome church to band together in unity and love, forgiving one another and lifting each other up – not in our own might, but through the Holy Spirit who dwells within us. Imagine how powerful this ministry will be when we let go of past hurts and disappointments, and grab hold to God’s promises! In the short amount of time that my family’s been here at Mt. Olive, I have already seen walls come down and relationships restored. We serve an awesome God!

A Little About Me

I am: a Florida native, a daughter, a sister, a mother, a wife, a friend, an Army veteran, a college graduate, a graphics and web designer, a singer, a drummer, an actor, and above all, a Christian!

Sis. Tiffany Muhammad

Sis. Tiffany Muhammad – Pastor's Wife

Our Family

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Pastor & Sister Muhammad

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Pastor Muhammad

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Sister Muhammad

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Aisha (Melita)

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Adia & Aaron